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Partner Programme


At Curtis Fitch we understand the importance of delivering and supporting comprehensive solutions to our customers. For this reason we have established a strong Partner Programme with market leading companies in a variety of industries to enable us to identify and create solutions that meet our customers varying requirements. Our partners provide a complementary network of expertise and resources that integrate comfortably and efficiently with our processes thereby strengthening our e-sourcing capabilities. Our Partner Programme enables us to:-

Influence and refine eSourcing strategies
Drive and develop new eSourcing solutions
Embellish and adapt solutions for individual company needs
Our Partner Programme is central to our commitment to the eSourcing success of our customers. Our partners provide expertise and in-depth knowledge by industry type to assist in identifying and developing solutions to meet the precise requirements of particular business sectors and environments. This successful collaboration means that, as an in-built advantage of using Curtis Fitch iSource™ software, our customers enjoy a variety of skill sets to meet the full spectrum of eSourcing challenges. Our partners also appreciate the collaboration with Curtis Fitch through:-
  • Joint strategic sales and marketing initiatives
  • Involvement with an extensive customer base
  • Enhanced market profile and business image
  • Expanded business opportunities
In all our successful collaborations, the interests of our customers are uppermost and our partners work to the same high business standards that we demand of ourselves.


Joint initiatives
Involvement with an extensive customer base
Enhanced brand image
Improved business opportunities


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