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Curtis Fitch iContract

Contract Management is fast-becoming a crucial corporate priority to maximise profitability and minimise business risk.
Many of the contract management challenges businesses face today include:
Controlling and managing existing contracts;
Achieving best value agreements that also maximise profits and minimise risks;
Avoiding unauditable paper trails;
Avoiding lost profit or revenue opportunities;
Increasing visibility in order to avoid legal and financial risks;
Ensuring compliance;
Improving planning and
Decreasing negotiation cycle-time
These challenges can be solved through Curtis Fitch iContract enabling you to:
Efficient contract management & company-wide reporting
Immediate status review & key milestone alerts
Efficient spend analysis & savings leverage capability

Features of iContract

Curtis Fitch iContract creates effective management of contracts between organisations and suppliers by:
Complete Contract Control
Centralised contract review, renewal, update, change and audit
instant access to cost overview and contract status
Corporate governance and cost analysis support
Enhanced Data Visibility
Cross reference company-wide or by supplier, customer or commodity
Key milestones embedded within business database
Consistent basis for performance measurement
Proactive Compliance
Ensures commitments are reflected in day-to-day working and systems
Empowers greater transparency of business approval levels
Encourages best practice behaviours and active diligence
Curtis Fitch solutions are web-based applications that integrate with enterprise wide applications, including Oracle, Sharepoint & SAP using components such as XML and SAP NetWeaver
Curtis Fitch implements specific solutions aligned to core functionality to achieve seamless integration with external processes and technology
Curtis Fitch Consultancy assists with implementation, training and trouble-shooting

Benefits of iContract

Comprehensive contract management - suppliers, customers, partners, employees
Potential enhanced revenue opportunities and efficient spend control
Decrease negotiation cycle times and reinvigorate contract awareness
Eliminate legal and financial risk through oversight


Comprehensive contract management
Potential enhanced revenue opportunities
Efficient spend control
Decreased negotiation cycle times
Eliminate legal and financial risk
Instant access to status of contracts
Key milestones embedded in database
Consistency for measuring performance
Greater transparency
Encourages best practice behaviours


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