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Supplier Relationship Management


Many procurement challenges encountered by business management stem from supplier relationships. These challenges can include:

How do we identify new suppliers?
How do we negotiate the best terms with suppliers?
How do we improve relationships with our current suppliers?
How do we improve supplier performance?
How do we manage supplier risk more efficiently?
How do we achieve best results from our supply base?
With Curtis Fitch Supplier Management, your business can strengthen supplier relationships and deliver sourcing success by creating a supplier database accessible throughout your organisation.

Key Features of Supplier Management

The major component elements are:
Comprehensive comparison of suppliers and commodities for new and emerging markets
Analysis of key performance indicators - competitive pricing and delivery achievement - identifying and targeting success
Monitor and manage all supplier and/or commodity information in one place
Enable effective communication with and about suppliers through shared knowledge
Eliminate potential for duplicated or contradictory activity
Stronger supplier relationships with simpler lines of communication
Sharper business performance and less complex operating procedures
Empowerment and involvement of all parts of the organisation
Integrity of retrieval systems and transparent audit trails
Web based applications are critical to lower costs and the growth of future value

Strengths of Supplier Management

Central monitoring of sourcing by suppliers and commodities
Comprehensive database of supplier sourcing without duplication
Competitive advantage to supply chain through faster access
Efficient evaluation of suppliers and commodities in all markets


Central monitoring of sourcing activity
Database of supplier sourcing
Competitive advantage to supply chain
Efficient evaluation
Analysis of KPIs
Central place to manage all in supplier information
Stronger supplier relationships
Sharper business performance
Comprehensive comparison of suppliers and commodities


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