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e-Sourcing is a key part of a global supply management strategy. As a result Curtis Fitch applies both technology and knowledge of supply markets and purchasing to put the strategy into full effect. Substantial savings and other benefits can be realized through the adoption of best procurement practices used in conjunction with appropriate sourcing strategies.

Curtis Fitch's latest generation intuitive e-Sourcing software platform means that we can help companies save money and operate to the highest standards. Our success rate and client satisfaction are evidence of how Curtis Fitch can respond to your requirements.


iSupplier Relationship Management


iSource Free Trial
The Curtis Fitch eSourcing suite of software applications combines four powerful, web based solutions:
Curtis Fitch iSource
Curtis Fitch iContract
Curtis Fitch iSupplier Relationship Management
Curtis Fitch iProjects
The continuing development of our software reflects the fundamental importance of evolving intuitive software to meet the changing needs of our customers.
The user friendly nature and flexible style of the toolkit combined with the capability of the Software as a Service application to be deployed rapidly within your organisation means that the Curtis Fitch solutions are a class apart.
Whether you want to drive down costs, ensure compliance, maximise revenue or trigger innovation, Curtis Fitch have the solutions that you need.
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