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Change Management


Software in isolation is not enough to achieve cost savings and efficient systems. Businesses need the knowledge and policies to support the technical skills. Most importantly, they must be willing to embrace the change process.

Curtis Fitch Services will enable you to utilise iSource more effectively and release maximum value.
Curtis Fitch Consultants will work with you to create a framework in which to deploy eSourcing and the Curtis Fitch product in the most efficient way. This will encompass a thorough analysis of your existing process to integrate iSource with optimal impact.
The Curtis Fitch Consultancy team will provide the skill sets you need to:
empowers your project management teams
underpins the management of each project life cycle
strengthens collaborative working within your business
Change in Business
The initial step in the Change Management process is to understand the current situation and define the necessary changes
The next essential step in Change Management is to analyse your current processes.
Process Redesign
Curtis Fitch Consultancy will then redesign the processes to include eSourcing best practice and the iSource toolkit.
Process Implementation
As soon as the new process has been constructed and approved, this must be communicated to the team and affected parties.
The new process needs to be revisited on a regular basis to ensure that it continues to operate effectively for the developing business. Each review stage will identify areas for possible improvements or required adjustments.




Utilise iSource more effectively
Achieve maximum value from iSource
Empower your project management teams
Strengthen collaborative working within your business
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