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Sourcing Services


With Curtis Fitch iSource you can run a number of different auction types including:

Sealed bid
Formulated bidding
Whether you would like fully managed sourcing support or our expertise in specific areas of procurement, our sourcing services can meet your requirements.
Our sourcing services include:
Fully Managed Events
Supported Events
Strategies for Auctions
Game Theory Expertise

Fully Managed

Curtis Fitch Consultants will direct the project in full and maintain communication with you throughout for you to sign off at each stage thereby facilitating progress to the next stage of the project
Fully Managed will save you time and resources
Curtis Fitch Consultants provide the expertise and supply database with a proven record of success

Supported Events

Client chooses from wide-ranging menu of options the level of service and support required from Curtis Fitch
All types of event and auction and various levels of input from Curtis Fitch

Auction Strategy

Auction design and identifying bidding behaviours are key to good results
Active negotiation encourages bidding
Clear rules maintain bidding process
Event design and auction type reflect and react to supplier pricing

Game Theory

Basics - for newcomers to eProcurement
Intermediate - add value to experience
Advanced - for senior management and corporate strategists




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