e-Procurement Analytics

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your operations, identify trends, and unlock new opportunities for growth. Transform your data into actionable intelligence and drive success with CF Suite Analytics.

CF Analytics IconCF Analytics Features & Benefits

Unlock the full potential of your data with CF Analytics, powered by Qlik Sense, a renowned BI tool provider. Seamlessly integrate and visualize data captured within CF Suite using our Qlik Sense integration embedded directly into CF Suite modules.

  • Powered by Qlik Sense, a best of breed data visualisation tool
  • Base contract pipeline dashboards to manage spend and renewals
  • Project resource tracker
  • Risk rating overview
  • eAuction benefit analysis
  • Track supplier onboarding progress
  • Create your own bespoke dashboards and view them directly in CF Suite
  • APIs outbound of CF Suite are also available to build dashboards in your preferred data visualisation tool
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API Integration

Customised Reporting

Spend Analysis

Supplier Management

Strategic Sourcing

Proactively Monitor Compliance & Risk

Powerful BI Reporting Powered by Qlik Sense

CF Suite Analytics: Powerful Insights and Fully Customisable Dashboards

Our analytics tool is embedded across the CF Suite modules, which empowers users to delve deeper into their data, enabling businesses to uncover valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. With the flexibility to create custom dashboards or modify our standard dashboards, CF Suite allows businesses to explore their data in unprecedented detail.

Contract Pipeline - Filter by contract type and division to analyse your contract volume by contract value and to identify contract commitments against these records.

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Data

Our CF Analytics is powered by Qlik Sense, an industry leading BI tool provider. You can API data out into your own data visualisation tool, or create your own dashboards, based on data captured within CF Suite.

Some of the standard dashboards available are:

  • Overview of Supplier Onboarding
  • Project Benefit Tracker
  • Project Gannt-Style Resource Tracker
  • Contract Pipeline

CF Suite Analytics takes your data analysis capabilities to the next level. With our advanced reporting features, businesses can unlock valuable insights and reveal hidden opportunities within their data. Dive deep into the information stored in our system and gain a comprehensive understanding of your operations.

Our powerful analytics tools enable you to explore trends, identify patterns, and make data-backed decisions. Whether it's creating custom dashboards or leveraging our standard reports, CF Suite Analytics empowers your business to harness the full potential of your data and drive growth.

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Analytics Reporting | CF Suite

Reporting Collaboration

Sharing information has never been easier. Now teams can finally understand what everyone is working on.

Reaching your goals as a team and collaborating across your business is super simple when you’ve got an easy to use data interface.

Put some science behind your business decisions and get everyone on the same page.

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Analytics Reporting Curtis Fitch | CF Suite

Prebuilt Dashboards

We’ve already created lots of helpful dashboards, so as soon as you get your new site, you can start running your reports. We work with a lot of cool customers who are smart when it comes to reporting. So we’ve built some nifty dashboards to give our customers insight into their data.

You can bring your data to life and quickly identify risk and saving opportunities. CF Analytics visualises all of your data in one place, creating beautiful dashboards based upon pre-built dimensions and measures. Powered by Qlik Sense technology, you can view your reports anywhere, from any device and export to excel, Jpeg and PDF.

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Secure Data Visualisation

Curtis Fitch API Integration: Seamless Interoperability for Procurement

Unlock the power of seamless integration with Curtis Fitch's API capabilities. We understand the importance of interoperability within the procurement technology landscape, which is why we offer API integration to third-party applications. Our API facilitates data flow out of CF Suite, enabling smooth collaboration and streamlined processes across your procurement ecosystem.

Curtis Fitch's API integration empowers you to maximize the value of your existing technology investments while ensuring seamless interoperability. Experience the flexibility, connectivity, and enhanced efficiency that our API integration brings to your procurement operations.

Secure Procurement Software

Curtis Fitch hold ISO 27001:2013 certification for Information Security Management, as certified by the globally recognised BSI, themselves accredited by leading body UKAS.

BSI ISO 27001:2013 CF Curtis Fitch