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With CF Suite, we offer a range of both forward and reverse eauction styles - English, Dutch, Japanese and Sequential, tailoring the procurement process to your unique requirements. Let Curtis Fitch guide you to significant cost savings, strengthened supplier relationships, and an elevated eSourcing experience.

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Since the early 2000s, Curtis Fitch has been at the forefront of eAuction technology, pioneering innovative software solutions to transform procurement processes worldwide. At the heart of our commitment to procurement and esourcing lies the eAuctions element of our CF Source module, an offering meticulously crafted to adapt to your unique sourcing requirements.

Our eAuctions platform breaks away from the one-size-fits-all approach and offers a versatile range of eauction types. Be it Forward or Reverse eauctions, English, Dutch, Japanese or Sequential styles, we've got it all covered. Forward auctions, traditionally used for selling goods to the highest bidder, and Reverse auctions, where suppliers underbid each other to win contracts and provides an efficient and competitive procurement environment.

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Unleash the Power of eAuctions: Dutch, English and more in Your Procurement Arsenal

CF eAuctions provides an effective solution to obtaining best market value.

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CF eAuctions

CF eAuctions provide a dynamic platform for all your e-auction needs. Utilised for purchasing and sourcing goods and services from your suppliers, as well as for selling excess inventory or surplus assets.

Our System can assist with automating the process to help reduce costs, improve procurement efficiency, increase competition, and potentially find better deals through the competitive bidding process.

Achieve the best price and obtain true market visibility through our active trading consoles!

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eAuction Types in Curtis Fitch

Within CF we offer the following auction types.

English Auction - Participants enter bids in order to compete with other participants. Various rules may be changed to drive competition.

Dutch Auction - A round based format whereby participants see the price change by a set increment. When the first participant confirms their agreement to a price, the auction ends.

Japanese Auction - A round based format whereby participants confirm their agreement to a price in each round until they no longer wish to bid.

Sequential Auction - Based upon the principles of a Standard English eAuction, however, with line items becoming active in a defined sequence.

Each auction type may suit a different scenario. If you would like to know more about which configuration best fit your requirements? Our expert team are on hand to offer advice.

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Categories suitability for eAuctions

In theory, anything be auctioned, but use them when the circumstances are right, and pick the most suitable type of auction.

When considering using an eAuction think about the Market Competition, Specification and Pricing Complexity. These key elements will help define the way in which eAuctions can be best deployed.

Reverse Auctions Category Examples

Commodity items, Raw materials, Services and Margins

Forward Auctions Category Examples

Excess / redundant stock, Redundant capital equipment, Waste / scrap material, Rebates and Volume discounts

With our 20+ years of experience from running and hosting eAuctions, across a varied range of categories and business sectors. Our team are available to guide you through the process to achieve the best outcomes.

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eSourcing Software

Cutting-Edge eAuction Tools by Curtis Fitch

Are you looking to revolutionise your eSourcing efforts? Look no further! Curtis Fitch, a renowned leader in the eSourcing and procurement arena, presents their exceptional eAuction tools designed to transform your sourcing processes effortlessly. With over 15 years of industry expertise, Curtis Fitch brings you state-of-the-art eAuction software that not only empowers internal users but also provides unmatched convenience to suppliers.

Embrace Procurment Efficiency:
Our eAuction tools are the epitome of efficiency, enhancing every step of your eSourcing journey. By leveraging the power of technology, our CF Suite of tools facilitate seamless communication, real-time bidding, and instant feedback, ensuring you conduct your sourcing events with precision and speed.

Tailored for All:
We understand the diverse needs of modern businesses, which is why our eAuction solutions cater to your unique requirements. Whether you prefer Dutch, English, forward auctions, or reverse auctions, Curtis Fitch has got you covered! Experience unparalleled flexibility and optimise your sourcing strategy based on your specific goals.

Benefits for Suppliers:
Our eAuction software is designed with suppliers in mind, ensuring they can participate in sourcing events effortlessly. From user-friendly interfaces to hassle-free registration and bidding, Curtis Fitch fosters an inclusive environment that encourages maximum supplier participation, ultimately leading to enhanced competition and better deals.

Join countless international satisfied clients who have harnessed the power of Curtis Fitch's eAuction tools to transform their sourcing landscape. Elevate your eSourcing game today and embark on a journey towards sustainable success!

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Curtis Fitch hold ISO 27001:2013 certification for Information Security Management, as certified by the globally recognised BSI, themselves accredited by leading body UKAS.

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