Simplify Supplier Profile Management with CF Insights

Automates your processes, creates a self serve supplier profile and ensures that suppliers are keeping their information up to date.

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With glorious automation and supplier self serve company profiles, you can say goodbye to a serious amount of click time for you and your team, leaving more time for supplier management.

  • Ask suppliers to complete a due diligence self registration process
  • Capture supplier business critical questions through customised questionnaires
  • Record and track supplier insurances & key certifications to ensure the latest information is recorded
  • Automate the process using workflow
  • Infosec assessment with full audit trail
  • Supplier management dashboards
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Automated Workflows

Improved Visibility

Risk Mitigation

Enhanced Compliance

Cost Savings

Streamlined Processes

CF Supplier Insights

Unleash Powerful Supplier Management with CF Supplier Insights

CF Supplier Insights offers a multitude of benefits for organisations seeking to optimise their entire supplier management processes. Our comprehensive CF Suite module equips businesses with essential tools such as questionnaires, supplier onboarding, workflow automation, and more, enabling enhanced visibility, efficiency, and informed decision-making throughout the supplier lifecycle.

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Supplier Onboarding

Create questionnaires containing precisely the questions you want to ask, from complex formulas to multiple file uploads to help save you and your supplier's time.

Workflow questions can be imported into sourcing events, maintaining up to date records and avoiding duplication of work. You maintain full control over your question sets and you can easily edit them as and when any changes arise.

CF InSight is easy to use and supports procurement in asking important questions that are core to managing supplier risk and aligning to your corporate objectives.

There’s no extra costs for supplier access and participation.

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Every business is unique and has its own strategy and processes.

Custom workflows allow you to directly recreate these processes with a range of conditional actions automatically moving each supplier across questionnaires until all the necessary information has been gathered. CF Suite will send alerts to individuals or teams at each stage.

There are post approval automated alerts that are sent via the system to notify your teams and suppliers of core documents requiring renewals, for example, insurances and key certifications. This helps to automate the mitigation of risk in your supply chain.

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Supplier Due Diligence Registration - Filter by supplier or question set to track where suppliers are in the registration process and easily identify who’s stuck and why. Filter by status to track which suppliers have been approved and when.

Unveiling CF Analytics: Your Comprehensive Supplier Insights Discovery Channel

We've partnered with Qlik Sense to offer an embedded, powerful reporting tool directly inside CF Suite, that serves as your comprehensive supplier insights discovery channel. Designed with a user-friendly interface, CF Analytics empowers you to access and analyse supplier data, questionnaires, and insights all in one place, providing unparalleled visibility into your supply base.

With CF Analytics, you can unlock the full potential of your data, making it easier than ever to understand what's happening across your supplier network. Our reporting tool enables you to visualise performance trends, explore supplier capabilities, and gain valuable insights that drive informed decision-making.

Embrace the power of CF Analytics and experience the ease of navigating through your supplier insights. Gain clarity, identify opportunities, and make data-driven decisions with confidence, all within a single integrated solution.

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