Streamline Supplier Performance Management with CF Scorecards

A supplier performance management solution where suppliers are sent questions to respond to about their performance against key contract deliverables.

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Send questionnaires out on a regular basis both to suppliers and internally as part of a 360 exercise to audit supplier relationships. Stakeholder scoring, document uploads and data analysis all available as standard with CF Scorecards.

  • Balanced scorecards to manage ongoing supplier risk & performance
  • Utilise for tracking your supply chain ESG requirements
  • Send questionnaires at regular frequencies
  • Audit suppliers against 360° feedback
  • Apply scoring, weightings, RAG status and customised labels for clear reporting
  • Measure performance on Quantitative and Qualitative
  • Evaluate performance on data and insight rather than anecdotes and emotion
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Supplier Relationship Tracking

Customised Reporting

Centralised Data

Stakeholder Collaboration

Track Supplier Compliance

Manage Ongoing Risk

What Are CF Scorecards?

Monitor and Evaluate Supplier Performance With Our Scorecard Software

With CF Scorecards, you can proactively monitor supplier risk and assess ongoing supplier performance in one application. CF Suite allows you to launch supplier self-evaluations, gather stakeholder input, and gain a comprehensive 360-degree view of your existing supplier performance today.

Scorecard Targets | CF Suite

Supplier Scorecards

With your supplier on-boarded, it’s important to monitor any ongoing supplier risk to the business. CF Scorecards enables you to launch supplier self-evaluations, to include stakeholder input and / or to get a 360 view on a supplier’s performance.

Question sections can be allocated by supplier and/or stakeholders and can be automatically combined to generate an overall scored assessment.

Using formulas across a range of responses, results can be transformed into useful metrics that can be shared across the business and displayed in the company’s profile.

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