Flexible solution

Configurable to accommodate your risk requirements, right through to project management cost control. A simple interface without compromising management information.

Secure software

Curtis Fitch: ISO207001:2013 accredited by the BSI. With over 25 years’ experience delivering technology solutions and supporting clients across diverse sectors, that include retail, communications, national infrastructure, financial services and aerospace.

Cost effective

Class beating pricing and leading functionality to manage the source to contract lifecycle. Significant value add potential to manage procurement supply chains. Scalable solution with unlimited suppliers and MI dashboards as a standard.

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Introducing CF Suite

Everything you need for e-Sourcing, contract and supplier management in one place

CF Workflow

Helps facilitate early management intervention of your supply base by asking suppliers to complete a pre-qualification registration. Supplier onboarding automated taking suppliers through a due diligence process, that’s based on your business critical questions to identify any risks in the supply chain. Self-serve, so suppliers are responsible for keeping their information up to date.

Workflow presents different questions to suppliers depending on their sector and automates parts of the process like sending supplier acknowledgment emails, or internal notifications. Utilise dashboards to track the end-end process and to identify approved and unapproved suppliers.

Supplier Due Diligence Registration - Filter by supplier or question set to track where suppliers are in the registration process and easily identify who’s stuck and why. Filter by status to track which suppliers have been approved and when.

CF Source

An easy-to-use eSourcing platform for tenders, auctions and project management. Dashboards available to support your review of supplier responses to help you identify the right suppliers for your business.

Project & Financial Tracker - Filter by project owner, stage and month end to keep track of and manage internal resources and to report against project spend.

CF Contracts

A contract storage database with extensive reporting, to ensure you have visibility of all your supplier contracts in a centralised place. CF Contracts enables you to automate the management of contract renewals and report against spend. Document upload, bespoke field creation and automatic contract notifications all come as standard.

Contract Pipeline - Filter by contract type and division to analyse your contract volume by contract value and to identify contract commitments against these records.

CF Scorecards

A supplier performance management solution where suppliers are sent questions to respond to about their performance against key contract deliverables. Send questionnaires out on a regular basis both to suppliers and internally as part of a 360 exercise to audit supplier relationships. Stakeholder scoring, document uploads and data analysis all available as standard.

Scorecard Supplier Risk Tier Assessment - Filter by supplier to analyse their data against a set of questions and, review stakeholder scores, to produce a risk rating that can be colour colored to easily identify where early intervention will add the most value.
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Case Studies

From small start-ups to large corporates, we have helped businesses of all sizes with their source to contract needs...

GKN Aerospace

The challenge

GKN’S manual processes were taking up a lot of resource and the aim was to utlise technology to consolidate contracts with their bid documentation. This would free up the Procurement team to spend their time on value add activities.

The symptoms

Negotiating contract terms with GKN’s supply base was a lengthy, inconsistent process that generated unnecessary paperwork.

How Curtis Fitch helped

Curtis Fitch delivered a solution for the negotiation of supplier contracts. Curtis Fitch managed the programme, working closely with GKN’s project leads to support GKN in moving away from a paper based process, thereby delivering significant operational savings.

Robbie of GKN’s Divisional General Counsel tells us:
Our product suite will free up your valuable resources

"We have seen a reduced workload across our team. We have been able to present a very well considered and robust system to our supply base, reducing manual processes.”

We know consistency and ease of doing business is key to being effective

"CF Suite has helped to remove unnecessary dialogue, freeing up time for all those involved. The ways in which we trade are now locked into the system; if you want to do business with us then the terms are clear and accessible and any submitted mark up is registered on the system as part of the bid package from a particular supplier."

A demonstrably better way of working for your team and your supply chain

"We now have one place to access, analyse and score bids from. This one stop shop ensures that the legal terms do not get decoupled from the commercial terms during analysis. This has proven to be a successful way of working. Having onboarded in the UK, we’ve now promoted use of the system to our global procurement teams.”

Robbie - GKN Divisional General Council

Guardian News and Media

The challenge

Guardian News and Media (GNM) needed a solution to store and manage supplier contracts to manage risk and compliance.

The symptoms

Hard to access information on contracts and limited ability cross reference with spend and other data. The reality was that commercial and operational risks were unknown.

How Curtis Fitch helped

Curtis Fitch worked with GNM to collate and load their key contracts into CF Suite. GNM can now cross-reference spend with contracts and can manage risk by reporting on contract compliance and are able to highlight significant spend where no contract is in place.

Steve Erskine, Head of Procurement at GNM tells us:
You will get the visibility on contractual commitments necessary to manage

“We didn’t have a clear picture on contract compliance and faced inefficiencies with the onboarding of new suppliers. We also encountered data security and data sharing challenges. Access to contracts was via VPN only, making flexible working or sharing of contracts within Guardian News and Media (GNM) cumbersome.”

Consistency in procedure and reporting enables effective risk management

“Using CF Suite we can centrally store, manage and report on our contracts. Our Risk team uses Curtis Fitch to score Information Security questionnaires, and we also use the platforms for new customer set- up with our P2P team.”

We are a trusted partner to deliver business focused solutions, not just IT

"The Curtis Fitch team care about their product and their customers and are always willing to listen.”

Steve Erskin - Head of Procurement at GNM


The challenge

QinetiQ’s sourcing solution was unpopular, difficult to use and did not work well with QinetiQ’s infrastructure. It was time to change, but to whom?

The symptoms

Poor feedback from users and suppliers meant that the previous sourcing solution wasn’t fully utilised. A lack of a standardised approach across teams meant lost opportunities to leverage sourcing team experience which was compounded by the limited scope for modifying tenders.

How Curtis Fitch helped

QinetiQ used CF Suite to deploy a single system for sourcing, contract management and supplier management. Integrated, reporting provided visibility and allowed QinetiQ management visibility on standardised outcomes from sourcing events to supplier on boarding.

Tom Kellet, QinetiQ’s P2P Manager tells us:
It works well, so the solution gets used and this will deliver value

“Using CF Suite has given us a significantly better user interface and experience, which is compatible with our secure infrastructure. Curtis Fitch has enabled us to build standardised projects, events and quick quote templates and has provided us with a repository database for contracts and sourcing.”

Tangible benefits which are tracked and measured

"Since onboarding we’ve received positive feedback from users and suppliers and achieved wider adoption of CF Suite. Practices have been standardised across the department, we have seen tangible cost savings through eAuctions and we’ve experienced improved reporting across our contract database.”

Confidence we deliver the reliability and flexibility your business needs

“Curtis Fitch have a UK-based support team with excellent response times and system availability, with planned maintenance scheduled outside of business hours. The software’s admin access allows us to make changes ourselves directly to the configuration.”

Tom Kellet - QinetiQ’s P2P Manager

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